Dental bridges are an effective means of replacing missing or damaged teeth, and are amongst many others that we offer at The Dental Centre. Many people lose teeth, either as a result of poor oral hygiene, dental health problems or because of an injury or accident. When a tooth is severely damaged or decayed it may have to be extracted and the patient is left with a gap, which is when the need for a replacement arises and may be considered as an option.

Who can benefit from the treatment?

Gaps in the teeth make the smile look less attractive and healthy and can also contribute to problems with speaking and eating. Gaps can also hinder the relationship between the upper and lower teeth (also known as occlusion or bite). A dental bridge can help to solve such problems. There are three types of dental bridge; these include the traditional fixed bridge, the cantilever bridge and the resin bonded bridge.

A traditional fixed bridge is the most common type of bridge, and is made up of a false tooth which sits between two crowns of that are supported by the adjacent teeth or dental implants. The resin bonded bridge is used to replace a gap between the front teeth, and is used when the teeth on each side are sturdy and free of cavities. The cantilever bridge is used when there are healthy teeth on only one side of the gap.

Dental bridges are typically made of porcelain but they may also be made of metal. Some are also made of a combination of porcelain and metal. Bridges should last around 10 to 15 years, if they are well looked after.

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