Root Canal Treatment

In the unfortunate circumstance of the nerve of a tooth dying due to decay, gum disease or trauma, root canal treatment is the alternative to extraction of the tooth.

The tooth can be saved after eliminating the infection by carrying out root canal treatment and its subsequent restoration. Saving the tooth avoids the need for extraction and subsequent restoration of the gap with an implant, bridge or denture.

Here at The Dental Centre, we use the state of the art technology to ensure that the procedure is done to the highest standards to maximise the long-term prognosis.

What does the treatment involve?

At your first appointment, after a mild anaesthetic has been applied, the infected pulp is taken out and any infection drained at this time. The root canal/s is then sanitised and shaped by the dentist, who will prepare your tooth and place a temporary dressing to allow your tooth to settle.

At your second appointment the tooth is checked to ensure infection has drained, after which a permanent filling can be applied to the tooth.

What are the benefits of root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is very successful in upholding the natural structure of your tooth in order to prevent the need for extraction, and is a completely safe procedure to undertake. This is something our dental team highly recommends. The tooth may need a crown afterwards to help restore the tooth to its original shape.

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