General Dentistry

As well as offering a comprehensive range of cosmetic treatments, we at The Dental Centre offer our patients a range of general dental treatments. Our general dental treatments are there to give you the best level of oral hygiene possible, and include the likes of routine check-ups, fillings and restorations, extractions, cleaning treatments and root canal treatment.

Prevention before the cure

Our general dental treatments focus on prevention as well as a cure. Preventive treatments can help to protect the teeth and gums against harmful oral health conditions and keep the teeth looking clean and healthy. It is important to visit our resident dentists on a regular basis as this will allow them to keep tabs on your oral health and identify any early warning signs of conditions including decay and gum disease. Early detection of conditions such as oral cancer can save lives so frequent check-ups are essential.

If one of our dentists spots a problem during a routine check-up, you will be asked to come back for further treatment; if you have a small cavity, you will need a filling, for example, while more extensive decay may require root canal treatment and crowns.

If you are interested in our general dental treatments or you want to know more about our services or our team, get in touch and we will be happy to arrange a consultation.

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